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Comfort and time savings are the biggest advantages of flying in a private plane. Additionally, you will avoid crowds and hectic terminals, which also keeps you safer during waves of Covid or other infection diseases. By traveling with AirLink Executive you will skip the hassles of airline travel such as parking, layovers, lengthy check ins, security lines and the possibility of lost luggage. AirLink Executive provides you with travel in a luxurious, comfortable, and clean airplane.

Unlike a commercial airliner, charter flights can sometimes bring you even closer to your final destination as they can use smaller airports. By using AirLink Executive you can travel to any destination in and outside of Mexico. Our own planes can fly in the entire American continent (a few exceptions). Partnering up with operators from our network, we can bring you anywhere.

If the aircraft is available and still on the ground, you can definitely make changes to your schedule. Additional cost may be involved.

You can cancel or make changes to your itinerary up to 72 hours prior to your private flight unless a different condition is set for a specific flight. If you need to cancel or make changes within 48 hours of your flight or once the trip has started, we will pass on any incurred costs.

This depends on your destination.

  • For domestic flights within Mexico a passport is not required. If you decide not to use a passport, we will need however another official ID.
  • For international flights you must take a passport (and possibly a visa depending on the destination of your trip).

If we have an airplane available, you can book one of our private jets up to 3 hours before takeoff.  Sometimes, however, it takes more time to obtain all the necessary permits depending on the destination you would like to travel. Therefore, we always recommend to book at least 5 hours in advance. 

Once the plane has been chosen and paid for, the flight is confirmed. After confirmation, the final itinerary will be sent to you.

At AirLink Executive we are committed to our work to provide the best service, always guaranteeing transparency.