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Air Ambulance

In addition to Private Charter Flights and Aircraft Management services, we also offer specialized aero-medical transportations. In our air ambulances, we fly critically ill or injured patients back home or to a more adequate medical facility.

Our patients are cared for by our certified medical flight team, who will remain with them throughout the duration of the journey. AirLink medical professionals include physicians, nurses and paramedics, all trained in Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Flight Physiology.


Our air ambulance division is accredited by the European Aeromedical Institute (EURAMI). EURAMI is established in Germany and is recognized as one of the top accreditation bodies in the world for air medical evacuation providers. AirLink is also accredited by the International Assistance Group (IAG). Based in France, the International Assistance Group is a unique network of independent insurance and assistance companies and health care providers around the world.


Learn more about our air ambulance services on our Air Ambulance website.